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I’m Laura, a qualified translator and transcreator.
My creative texts go far beyond literal translation. Let’s talk!



Overcome the language barriers with a professional translation by an expert in your field.


Create a good impression with well-written, accurate, error-free content in your tone of voice.


Achieve the same impact abroad with creative marketing translations for your international markets.


Establish a connection with your customers through engaging content that reflects your brand personality.


Edit machine translations to delete common errors, and ensure naturally flowing text.

About me

Laura sarmiento

Hello! I’m Laura Sarmiento, a professional translator and transcreator.

My passion for languages and culture inspired my career in translation. After graduating in Translation and Interpreting I completed a Master’s Degree in Localization and New Technologies before entering the world of professional translation. Starting out as a Project Manager at the Barcelona office of a leading multinational language services company allowed me to learn the business, before moving abroad.

After developing my skills as a Project Manager and Translator in Switzerland, I decided to return to my roots. I moved back home to Málaga in Spain, to specialise in creative translation and copywriting. I now translate English and German texts into Spanish for companies in Europe and America, focusing on transcreation and copy adaptation for the worlds of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and tourism.

My keen interest in all things translation led me to learn professional desktop publishing, software localization and digital marketing skills.

My love of Spanish and Spanish culture makes me passionate about what I do. And I bring that passion and commitment to serve your translation and Spanish copywriting needs. Let’s talk about how I can help you.



As a qualified translation professional, I deliver top quality texts on time.


My commitment to each project means I make each client’s needs and objectives my own, and adapt to the requirements of every job.


My professional translation career dates back to 2010 and includes experience as a Project Manager, which makes me more sensitive to my client’s needs and allows me to implement professional business processes.

WHAT do my clients say?


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